November 17, 2018

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Cock O'Barton, Cheshire

October 16, 2017

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My First Blog Post

December 10, 2016

Hi All,


I am a Wedding Photographer covering mainly North Wales and Cheshire, but will also happily travel the UK, even the globe to cover a wedding.



Welcome to my first blog post. I find it slightly difficult to write anything with waffling on about irrelevant subjects and boring the reader. But i will certainly try.


As this is my first blog, I will start it with who I am and how I got to where I am.


So this is me....


I have so many photos of me doing stupid stuff, (mainly my Facebook profile pics) that I don't think need to be on here ha ha....


The photo to the right is of me at a wedding I shot in New Brightons Floral Pavilion on The Wirral.


This wasn't the 1st wedding I shot, but it was one of the key moments that affirmed that I enjoy wedding photography, as this is what I want to do with my days.


Yes its a long day, not only at the wedding itself, but the hours and hours spent sat in front of the computer editing hundreds and thousands of pictures. 


I wasn't always a photographer, and I didn't start with weddings. 


It started years ago, I picked up a camera and enjoyed shooting with it, I switched the camera off Auto mode, straight in to manual, and everything went wrong.... pictures were either too dark or too light, blurry and generally a disgusting mess to look at. I quickly went back to Auto mode and didn't shoot for a long time. I knew i wanted to master the camera, so i bought a Sony Nex 5. I slowly started reading up on the camera and photography. Slowly getting hooked, then I started to experiment, learn and slowly switch modes. Once i got used to manual mode...thats when I started to learn and enjoy everything. 


I started taking the camera everywhere I went, taking photos of everything


Below are some of my earliest pictures from an old Camera.