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Hi All,

I am a Wedding Photographer covering mainly North Wales and Cheshire, but will also happily travel the UK, even the globe to cover a wedding.

Welcome to my first blog post. I find it slightly difficult to write anything with waffling on about irrelevant subjects and boring the reader. But i will certainly try.

As this is my first blog, I will start it with who I am and how I got to where I am.

So this is me....

I have so many photos of me doing stupid stuff, (mainly my Facebook profile pics) that I don't think need to be on here ha ha....

The photo to the right is of me at a wedding I shot in New Brightons Floral Pavilion on The Wirral.

This wasn't the 1st wedding I shot, but it was one of the key moments that affirmed that I enjoy wedding photography, as this is what I want to do with my days.

Yes its a long day, not only at the wedding itself, but the hours and hours spent sat in front of the computer editing hundreds and thousands of pictures.

I wasn't always a photographer, and I didn't start with weddings.

It started years ago, I picked up a camera and enjoyed shooting with it, I switched the camera off Auto mode, straight in to manual, and everything went wrong.... pictures were either too dark or too light, blurry and generally a disgusting mess to look at. I quickly went back to Auto mode and didn't shoot for a long time. I knew i wanted to master the camera, so i bought a Sony Nex 5. I slowly started reading up on the camera and photography. Slowly getting hooked, then I started to experiment, learn and slowly switch modes. Once i got used to manual mode...thats when I started to learn and enjoy everything.

I started taking the camera everywhere I went, taking photos of everything

Below are some of my earliest pictures from an old Camera.

Once I felt I was getting used to the camera, I decided it was time to punish myself even more, and ordered myself my first Canon DSLR. From then on, everything changed. I would be taking my camera everywhere I went, annoying friends and family alike as they were often having a camera thrust in to their face or hanging around waiting for me to take a picture of a leaf, or a puddle!

As my love for photography grew, so did my love for new gear, new lenses, new lighting, and pretty much everything else that is too expensive! But I persevered, got what I needed to produce the pictures I liked. People started asking me to do work for them, I've done shoots for commercial businesses, actors, models, singers...the list is endless.

A few examples below

So from there people starting asking if did wedding photography, at the time i didn't, but thought... "Whats so difficult about wedding photography????"

Well.....How wrong was I. Lets just say, you only have one chance to get the photo, one chance to get that perfect shot, where the couple are stood in front of everyone, exchanging rings, or their first kiss as husband and wife. Those moments could be lost in a second! Luckily I learnt quickly, and ensured i was where I needed to be so that these shots are never lost.

The couple from my first ever wedding, loved the photos that they were given, and that made me so happy, I felt the ultimate job satisfaction. From then on I knew that I love shooting weddings, capturing those precious moments that are often lost and forgotten in a second. I now look to eternalise them.

I have a lot of weddings under my belt now. I love covering them, I still get a buzz from meeting the couple, having a great day taking their photos, learning about them and just enjoying the day.

You can see a few pictures from some of the weddings i've covered on the 'Wedding' part of my website.

But I have not just stopped at that, I'm shooting weddings but I learn something at each one, I am constantly learning, i attend workshops with other photographers, to make sure I'm up to date with the latest trends in the business, so I can be current and deliver exactly what my clients want and deserve, and also suggest new and creative ideas for their big day.

So thats me in a nut shell, and how i got to where i am now. I will be looking to complete more blogs in the future, possibly covering older weddings i've done and posting a few more pictures.

Please don't hesitate to contact me should you want your wedding covered, I also work with other amazing photographers that can offer a wider range of photos due to more of us covering the wedding.

Even if you just want to ask some questions, see some examples of photos, albums, presentation packages... you know where i am.

If you got this far down the page.... then thank you for hanging on and not getting bored.

As its almost Christmas, I'll wish you all a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.......

Andy Wilkinson :)

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