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I got a call one afternoon from a fellow called David, saying that his wedding photographer has let him down a week before their wedding at The Kinmel and Kinspa in Abergele North Wales, and they had been given my name and number by a friend. They asked if it is possible i could pop along to see him and his wife to be, to talk about the wedding photography.

I headed over to meet David & Carol that week, with just 3 days before their big day. Upon meeting them, I could instantly tell they were smitten with each other. Although their dog seem to take a liking to me once it realised i could scratch it's back just the way it liked!

Anyway... After going through several of my sample photos and chatting about the itinerary of their big day, the brides arrival, the speeches, the first dance and dance lessons sounded very interesting, they booked their wedding photography with me on the spot.

The Venue was at The Kinmel & KinSpa in North Wales. I've never been here but it is a lovely venue. It was a cold crisp day, but the skies were clear. It was also the the first wedding i got to use my new Canon 5D mark iv Camera, which i was looking forward to putting through its paces.

The Room where the venue was to be held had a lovely grand fire place lit and warming the room up nicely.

There was a red carpet from door to fireplace, with lanterns and rose petals sprinkled along the floor.

Litte signs placed throughout the venue reminding people that there are all family now, not sides!

The Ceremony itself was relaxed with a few laughs here and there.

After the ceremony, i managed to take the Bride & Groom out for a few pictures in the gardens of The Kinmel & KinSpa. It was still cold out with it being late January, but the couple were happy to pose for a few photos.


Once outside David lit up with his new bride, playfully interacting with each other for the photos and just generally having a great time.

Shortly after the photos, everyone headed to bar for a few drinks, the tables had been set up for all the guests ready for the wedding breakfast.

David & Carol had included me for a meal that day, so with that, i set the camera down, and took a break to eat some amazing food, and give the couple a chance to enjoy their food and wedding day without having a camera thrust in their face every few minutes.

After food, chatting and speeches were finished, everyone headed back to bar whilst the staff at Knimel Spa got the evening room ready.

So i took this opportunity to take David & Carol back outside for a few more couple pictures. This time the sun had gone in and it was pitch black out, and seriously cold. After a previous walk i found a nice spot under a tree for a few photos, but with it being so dark, i needed to get a little creative. With big thanks to David & Carol, they braved the cold, posed for photos, all still whilst enjoying each others company. I on the other hand, was running round like a headless chicken, trying to get the shots, so the couple could get out of the cold and get back in to enjoy the wedding.

After the photos, everyone headed back to the bar....again. Then the evening room was all set. I set up my lighting, and went about capturing the moments. As David & Carol were Jive dancers, it meant the 1st dance was something different and i got some excellent pictures. They then had dance lessons, which looked amazing. In fact i don't think i've ever seen almost every guest on the dance floor at one time. After the lessons had finished, people stayed on to boogie the night away.

This meant i could bimble around the dance floor taking some photos, i experimented with shutter drag and flash, to enable me to freeze the action, but get motion from the ambient light. (Pictured Below). conclusion, this was an amazing wedding, not only was The Kinmel & Kin Spa in Abergele an excellent venue, the staff there were helpful, friendly and generally made everyones day a joy.

But David & Carol themselves...they were friendly, happy to be around each other and everyone they invited to their big day. I was only there to document their big day, but they also made me feel a part of it all, and for that i couldn't thank them enough.

I wish David & Carol all the best for the future.


Andy Wilkinson

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