The Mere Court Hotel

A wedding at the end of March can always worry me in regards to weather, you never know what its going to do...

But when i arrived at The Mere Court Hotel in Knutsford, Cheshire,  for Rhianna and James wedding, the weather could not have been more perfect. It was an amazing day.

Mere Court Hotel

Mere Court Hotel

 When Rhianna & James booked Inspire Wedding Photography, they did inform me that Rhianna's dad was actually also a Wedding Photographer. This concerned me slightly as I knew he would want the best possible pictures of his daughters big day, so i had to make sure i really did deliver.

The day got off to a great start. I walked the venue looking for spots which looked ideal to get some lovely pictures with the couple together. The Mere Court Hotel really is an excellent venue. The staff there were amazing. Check out their website...  Mere Court Hotel

Once i'd scouted the building out, i popped to the Brides room to get a few photos of the Bride and the Bridesmaids all getting ready.

Click the pictures below for a larger view...

After a few photos in there, i left the Bride and her gaggle of Bridesmaid so they could change in to their dresses. I popped outside to catch up with the Groom, James, and his band of best men for a few photographs. 

The guys were great, really nice lads and more than happy to have a little bit of fun with the camera. 

 Just a little bit of artistic license added to that last one for fun..

It was great to just come up with some funny light hearted ways to have some fun with guys before the ceremony. 

I left the guys with it,  as they tried to figure out how they are going to get the music to play from the phone during the ceremony.

I hot footed it back to the Brides room to see how they were doing in their preperations.

They were almost ready...

They were all fitted with dresses from Lovia Bridal in Northwich. The attention to detail these two ladies from Lovia Bridal was amazing! 

Check out their website here :- Lovia Bridal

With that.... Its off to the wedding ceremony!!

The ceremony was held in a lovely room, with a large window at the front flooding the room with light.

Rhianna and her Bridesmaids looked amazing. It was a very emotional time.... for some more than others.

The ceremony was lovely, lots of tears were shed, mainly from James, but with him marrying his best friend, who can blame him.

After a drink or three (James) the whole wedding party headed outside for group shots and formals. I then took the Bride & Groom, Best Men and Bridesmaid for a few photos, again, just having a little fun and not taking anything too seriously. 

After a few photos, it was back in for speeches and food.... and more drink for James :)

The party soon got in to full swing, i managed to steal the happy couple away from the party for a few evening shots. The weather had held up all day....up until the last two minutes of taking the final pictures. 

And if its one thing i love doing, is taking pictures in the rain. I managed to keep Rhianna & James dry, but it meant i needed to set up my lighting to catch the rain...quickly. 

So in the last shot, the couple were happy and dry in the Pagoda, whilst me, my lighting and my camera got wet... But the lights lit up the rain fantastically making for a great final shot of the evening...

It was a fun filled great day for everyone involved, I was there for the full day, morning til night. I wouldnt have it any other way. 

I wish Rhianna & James all the best for the future together. 

Thank you for letting me be there to capture the moments of one of your biggest days of your lives.

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