November 17, 2018

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Cock O'Barton, Cheshire

October 16, 2017

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Snowdon Charity Walk Challenge.

June 3, 2017

 I often try to do my part for Charity when i can, but more often than not, general life can take over and i feel that popping some money in to a bucket would suffice until the next time i can do something. 


That next time soon showed up. Maxine Beech of Ceremonies was doing a Wedding Themed Charity Walk up Snowdon, in aid of The British Heart Foundation.  She was calling out for a wedding photographer to step up to take a few photos of the day as everyone hiked up the mountain, in a wedding dress.


I thought this was a perfect chance for me to try and join in and at least support people doing something for a great cause. So with 2 days notice i decided to volunteer my services. I was looking forward to this....


As a wedding photographer, i often find i carry A LOT of photography gear, so i knew i had to slim it down for this day as it was going to be a long hike, made even more difficult fully laden with wedding paraphernalia. So i packed my back up camera, (main one is a little heavy) a couple of smaller lighter lenses, and off we go.


I arrived at the Victoria Hotel in Llanberis where i met up with Maxine and the group...and wow, everyone looked amazing. I was worried about carrying a camera up Snowdon, but these guys were in full wedding dresses, some small, but some huge ones! Even the guys chucked on a dress ha ha...


After a quick briefing, off we went.


I will admit, taking photos of people and making a concious effort to take a good photo rather than a snapshot, is a little bit more difficult when your legs feel on fire and sweat is running down your forehead in to your eyes. But i felt i had no right to complain. These guys were powering up the mountain. 


All the way up people would stop and ask parts of the party, why are you in a wedding dress. Everyone of them would reply with enthusiasm with exactly