Snowdon Charity Walk Challenge.

North Wales Wedding Photographer

I often try to do my part for Charity when i can, but more often than not, general life can take over and i feel that popping some money in to a bucket would suffice until the next time i can do something.

That next time soon showed up. Maxine Beech of Ceremonies was doing a Wedding Themed Charity Walk up Snowdon, in aid of The British Heart Foundation. She was calling out for a wedding photographer to step up to take a few photos of the day as everyone hiked up the mountain, in a wedding dress.

I thought this was a perfect chance for me to try and join in and at least support people doing something for a great cause. So with 2 days notice i decided to volunteer my services. I was looking forward to this....

As a wedding photographer, i often find i carry A LOT of photography gear, so i knew i had to slim it down for this day as it was going to be a long hike, made even more difficult fully laden with wedding paraphernalia. So i packed my back up camera, (main one is a little heavy) a couple of smaller lighter lenses, and off we go.

I arrived at the Victoria Hotel in Llanberis where i met up with Maxine and the group...and wow, everyone looked amazing. I was worried about carrying a camera up Snowdon, but these guys were in full wedding dresses, some small, but some huge ones! Even the guys chucked on a dress ha ha...

After a quick briefing, off we went.

I will admit, taking photos of people and making a concious effort to take a good photo rather than a snapshot, is a little bit more difficult when your legs feel on fire and sweat is running down your forehead in to your eyes. But i felt i had no right to complain. These guys were powering up the mountain.

All the way up people would stop and ask parts of the party, why are you in a wedding dress. Everyone of them would reply with enthusiasm with exactly what they were doing and why. People were even talking amongst themselves, telling other hikers why there are people dressed in wedding dresses climbing Snowdon. At the top, people were asking if they could have their photo taken with them. There was definitely a buzz around the mountain.

Everyone also made it to the top, which was such an achievement. It was such a hot day, sun beating down on everyone, sapping their energy. But that just made the achievement that much more spectacular. And the views we got from the top were just unbelievable!

It was a great day, i was just happy to be a part of it. Congratulations to every single one of the guys that made it up there.

So a few photos of the day below.

North Wales Wedding Photographer

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