A Wedding, A Murder and a little bit of Gangnam Style

Its a beautiful sunny Saturday Morning, at the end of May, I'm i'm heading out from Chester up to Bradford to photograph the wedding celebrations of Tamzyn & Amy.

I had spoken to Tamzyn several times on the phone and chatted through umpteen emails throughout the weeks regarding her wedding photography, and i knew there were to be a few strange things going on.

I pulled up to the Mercure in Bradford to be greeted with a gothic style hotel, water features all situated within lovely grounds.

As i went in to the reception area, it was a wood paneled area with a grand staircase and lovely lighting.

Whilst talking to Tamzyn regarding the wedding celebrations, she told me that her and Amy were flying over to Las Vegas to get married there, and having the wedding breakfast and reception in the UK.

When i walked in to the reception room, the tables had already been prepared and looked amazing. The table decorations had birdcages with decorative skulls inside, they looked amazing! Later to be told that they Amy had actually made them herself. The whole room looked stunning.

The reception was underway, the room filled with chatter and laughter, then, a singer came through dressed in american 1940's attire, and began singing. Business owners and gangsters were also present walking around, this was the start of the murder mystery entertainment that had been laid on by Tamzyns mum. Guests were a little unsure how to take it all at first, but they were all soon engaged, going through the evidence, chatting/interrogating the characters. The room certainly had a buzz about it.

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