Salford’s First Same Sex Wedding...

I met Adam and Sylvain at Adams mums house, just up the road from where I lived and grew up. Both these guys work with in the travel industry, and this was a theme they were keen to portray throughout the wedding day.... and boy did they manage that!

Adam & Sylvain were to be wed in Monton Utarian Church, Manchester. But before the wedding, they chose to go with the wedding breakfast.... an actual breakfast in the morning, for theirs guests to turn up, as they were, in casual everyday dress, to enjoy a lovely breakfast of coffee, croissants, pastries, meats, cheeses and much more.

It was great to see Adam and Sylvain greet guest they hadn’t seen in a long time, and you could see by the looks on everyone’s faces how happy they were to be seeing each other again.

After the breakfast, everyone left to go and get their gladrags on ready for the church.

Adam & Sylvain nipped home to get ready, and to pick up their beloved dogs, Chutney & Spice, as they too were attending this monumental wedding.

Once at the church, the guests rolled in. It was a chilly day, heating was broken in the church, and when you spoke you could see your breathe in front of you. But the warm welcome and blankets provided by Adam & Sylvain, were enough to stave off the biggest of chills.

As Mentioned, Adam & Sylvain looked to bring the theme of travel in to their wedding. This started with Adam and Sylvain walking down the aisle together, pause, and begin a demonstration in the style of an air steward. This was a surprise to all the guests, which every single one go them loved!

The ceremony was amazing, it was fun, beautiful and above all...emotional. Even Chutney and Spice spoke up when they Adam & Sylvain were pronounced married :)

The day was a great day, friends & family hugging, laughing and just enjoying each others company. It was such a warm and inviting day.

I wish Adam & Sylvain all the best for their amazing future together.

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