Campervans, Owls,Rock Band, Sparklers and sooooo much more.....

Well.... where do we start???

This wedding was an epic day on all scales. I first met Sophie and Mike at their home for their pre wedding consultation. When i walked through the front door i was met by the BIGGEST cat climbing frame i've ever seen! With 4 beady little eyes staring at me from the top.

Not Sophie or Mike but their cats!!

I sat down to chat with the couple about their wedding, standard details to start with...The venue was The Plough Inn, Eaton. I've shot weddings here before, and I love this place. Lovely room full of beams and fairy lights, and the staff there are amazing.

We got on to the finer details, for examples, when Mike will arrive, timings of the ceremony, the camper van, the owl, the sparklers, the band that was playing was actually Mikes band. It was great.

Pre wedding meetings over and it was on to the big day. I turned up at Sophie's in the to begin the bridal prep, to be met with the usual gaggle of women in the throws of getting ready for one of the biggest parties of the year.

As the Prosecco flowed, I could clearly see the ones to watch out for in the evening reception, as they will be the ones partying on the dance floor. They did not disappoint. One of them actually had better fake tan on the soles of her feet than she did on the rest of her body!

The wedding ceremony began, Sophie looked stunning, and Mike was looking dapper! This was my first wedding however, where the ring bearer was an Owl! And the little owl performed faultlessly! Flying down from the balcony in the best mans hand to deliver the rings, had a look around, then flew back.

The whole day was so relaxed, full of love and fun, from what is clearly a close knit group of amazing friends.

There was camper van break downs, confetti in the rain, sparklers in the dark and love in the air!

I had a great day, Sophie and Mike are an amazing couple, i loved spending the day with them, and taking some amazing photos.


Bride in Congleton has wedding make up applied

Brides portrait as she prepares for her wedding at The Plough Inn, Eaton

Bride and Groom walk down the aisle after getting married in The Plough Inn, Eaton

Best men can also be used as a wig. North West wedding photographer

Best man with a ring bearing owl

Bride and Groom with all the bridesmaids

Bride, groom, Owl and a rainbow

Bride and groom confetti shot, The Plough Inn, Eaton

Couples portrait, Cheshire wedding photographer

Bridesmaid laughing during best man speech

Best Man toasts the bride and groom at The Plough Inn, Eaton

Happy couple kiss, north west wedding photographer.

Bride and groom in a telephone box.

Sparkler exit, wedding photography

Bride and groom having photos next to a camper van

Couples portrait, Cheshire wedding photographer
North Wales wedding photographer

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