Lauren & Ste - Mottram

When I met Lauren & Ste, i could tell straight away this wedding was going to be different. They were looking at doing things in a unique way. During the Pre Wedding Meeting, they were both going over the ideas whirling round their heads . It was fun to hear about their plans.

The couple had a love for tractors and old steam engines, and mentioned these would be at the wedding.

In fact, Ste owned a tractor which was what took him to the wedding and then both himself and his new wife from the church to the venue.

Now this wedding was a different to any other wedding i've photographed! It was less of a wedding and more of a party/celebration.

Lauren & Ste had chosen to put a Marquee in a large field next to Mottram Hall. They then added bouncy castles for the kids (and adults!) they had the tractors on show and also some stunning pieces of kit in the form of an old steam engine, (see pictures below).

The steam engine then brought about a game of steam engine surfing, this saw plenty of the guys attempting but failing to surf behind the engine in magnificent style!

Everyone who attended the wedding was on top form, the laughs were endless and the love in the place was astounding.

To top it off, the evening buffet was a shed load of dominos!!

It was a great day attended by loving friends and family.

Mottram Hall wedding photography

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Cheshire Wedding Photographer

Mottram Hall Wedding Photography

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