Emma & Darren, Bryn Howel

Emma & Darren chose the beautiful venue Bryn Howel to host their wedding.

Bryn Howel in Llangollen, North Wales is am amazing venue, with beautiful views. This coupled with a scorching hot day, made for the perfect wedding day for the happy couple.

Bridal prep in the morning went well, a few stressful moments in the morning for the Bride, but that all adds to the build up of the day.

The ceremony went without a hitch (no pun intended) and the celebrations began.

I took Emma & Darren for a walk in the woods near by and then down the canal for a few photos and to give the couple a little bit of quiet time for themselves.

I often step back from the happy couple during a shoot, and let them enjoy each others company in peace, their first time alone as Husband & Wife. I disappear in to the background and often thats when i get the best photos.

It was a great day had by everyone.

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