Julie & Paul

I had met with Julie and Paul a few times before the wedding, just to go over the details, what they're looking for in regards to photography etc.

When they both told me they aren't keen on getting their photos taken, but are obviously aware of the importance of the photography for their wedding day, I knew I had my work cut out.

I knew I had my work cut out in the way that I needed to capture the day, without being too intrusive and just blend in to the background.

I did this for most of the day, but i still wanted to provide some beautiful couples photos for Julie & Paul, but without being too 'in their face' with the camera and making them pose in positions that aren't comfortable for them, and just not who they are.

Julie and Paul got married at Alsager Golf Club, on a beautiful summers day. The setting was perfect.

I took Julie and Paul for a little stroll around the club for a few photos, and gave them a little time to spend together, just whilst i captured them interacting with each other.

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