Chester Racecourse Wedding 2020?

Well, 2020, what can we say...?

Its been a difficult year for everyone. I had all but one of my weddings cancelled or moved. This single wedding was reduced to 30 people and we could only cover half of the day. But Aimee and Dom where amazing.

They've arranged to celebrate the wedding with all their friends and family once COVID restrictions are relaxed and people can congregate again. I'm looking forward to when that happens and I'll be there with my camera to catch all the festivities.

But until that happens, they just went ahead with the wedding as best they could.

Aimee and Dom are such a happy and close couple. Little jokes to one another through out the day, dealing as best they could with wearing masks and applying hand sanitiser here and there. The little touches like having the masks made from the same material as the suits was genius.

There was plenty of love and laughter throughout this amazing day. They definitely made the right decision to marry and not postpone.

I'm looking forward to posting the party when it goes ahead in 2021.

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