The Plough Inn, Eaton

It was a lovely day at the beginning of July 2017, and today was the wedding day of Charlotte & Adam. I'd previously met the couple at their home, to go through the wedding photography with them. What i found when i got to meet them is that they are such a warm, friendly couple who loved each other immensly. I got on with the both of them, which is something i always look for in a couple i photograph. This not only makes my job much easier, but also means the photos can be more natural and fun (as you can see from some of the pictures below).

I arrived at the The Plough Inn, Eaton, early morning to find Adam standing in the car park with a big grin on his face. He was clearly ready to get married!

I quickly popped inside to chat with the guys running the wedding day at The Plough Inn, and again, more people who were so friendly and happy to help in any way they could!

So it was time to get out the camera gear and get to to work... I ran back to Adam to get a few shots of him and his brother/best man, then i nipped to the Brides room to see how she was getting on and to get a few shots of her and her bridesmaids before the ceremony.

As i went in to the room, Charlotte was in her dress and looking amazing! She was peeking through the curtains to see all the guests arriving.

All the bridesmaids looked beautiful in their dresses, everyone was excited to get on with it!

The ceremony itself was stunning, the couples son, Ivan, was the ring bearer. He beared those rings with style! Emotions ran a little high, with a few tears being shed.

The rest of the day was a huge success, people ate, drank, partied, drank, laughed, drank.....not to mention people had a drink or two. Throughout the day i would capture some lovely natural moments of the couple and the guests.

But..... what made it for me... when i would take Charlotte and Adam for the couples photos, I would literally step back, and let them just chat, and interact with each other as they would usually. These gave me some beautiful moments. They laughed, teased and just enjoyed each others company, i just took the photos in the background of these two just enjoying each others company and having fun. And with that... gave some amazing, natural, fun moments that can be cherished forever.

I would like to thank Charlotte and Adam for such a great day, and for choosing me to capture the moments of the day. The venue was also amazing and i would recommend The Plough Inn, Eaton, to anyone.

The Plough Inn, Eaton

The Plough Inn, Eaton

The Plough Inn, Eaton

The Plough Inn, Eaton

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Cheshire wedding photographer

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The Plough Inn, Eaton, wedding photos

The Plough Inn, Eaton, Wedding photography

Cheshire wedding photographer
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